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Welcome to Collaborative Thoughts, our take on a mental health blog.

Collaborative providers write articles about mental health to maintain our dedication to providing information to support people’s overall well-being. In association with one of the pillars of Collaborative, LEARNING at Work, we want to continue to expand knowledge, provide resources, and contribute to evidence-based treatments to support our larger communities.

You can learn more about mentalization-based (MBT) and adaptive mentalization-based integrative treatments (AMBIT):

Mentalization Based Treatment

As an important resource for providers and consumers of mental health treatment, education is a pivotal aspect of effective care.

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Embracing Grief

Grief is a complex and powerful experience that touches us all at some point. It’s a universal experience, yet deeply personal. Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a job, or a dream, grief manifests in many forms and can feel overwhelming.

Fundamental Aspects of Self-Harm

Adolescence is a challenging period characterized by physical, emotional, and psychological changes. For some adolescents, navigating this transitional phase can be particularly difficult, leading to behaviors that are harmful to themselves, notably self-harm.

Black History Month 2024!

A critical aspect of our ability to foster sustainable change is to commit to understanding ourselves and others while recognizing the statistical markers of our world. To highlight growth areas in the mental health field, we’ve cultivated research from various references to encourage discussion.

Finding Light in the Rainbow:

The journey towards self-acceptance and wellbeing is ongoing, so here are four ways you can support yourself if you’re struggling with issues related to Pride month.

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