Mentalization Based Treatment

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Mentalization-Based Treatment

Collaborative Therapy embodies two evidence-based treatments rooted in understanding alternative perspectives. Our team is trained in Mentalization-Based Treatment (MBT) for children through adults and Adaptive Mentalization-Based Integrative Treatment (AMBIT).

Peter Fonagy and Anthony Bateman are the pioneers in mentalization-based treatment for those with Borderline Personality Disorder. In recent studies, evidence has proven this treatment approach to be highly beneficial for most attachment-based disorders.

Mentalization-based treatment is an evidence-based treatment comprised of analytic, dynamic, attachment, and social methodology. The term “mentalization” describes the mental process one goes through when evaluating and understanding different mental states, emotions, beliefs, desires, and intentions. These various mental states play a vital role throughout our interpersonal interactions. Through mentalization, we can effectively respond to different interactions, maintain relationships, and understand our own emotional experiences and thoughts. The process of mentalization covers a wide variety of relational concepts allowing one to ground themselves in their identity. 

Mentalization-based treatment fosters an analytical environment to establish a stable exploratory process of emotional and cognitive content. Many of those who struggle with personality disorders hold a rigid conceptualization of relational interactions. Despite emotionally complex interactions, those with personality disorders typically sustain behavioral patterns because of suspected mistrust in others.

Those with borderline personality disorder, among other personality disorders, struggle to uphold an authentic and personal identity. Volatile emotional states plague the internal safety one requires to promote an authentic self. Those with personality disorders tend to feel epistemic mistrust rendering the mind inflexible and hinder the integration of new information. 

By fostering mentalization, we promote a better sense of internal awareness and understanding of others. With more effective emotional regulation, mitigated reactivity, and explicit communication, we can limit the miscommunication responsible for interpersonal and relational difficulties.

As the provider understands the mental processes and psychological underpinnings, we can diminish the sense of alienation, suicidal ideology, self-deprivation, self-harm, depression, anxiety, cognitive deficits, and other psychological impairments.


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