Collaborative: People

We welcome the opportunity to work with people to grow and successfully run businesses, maintain mental health, manage overall wellness, and more.

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Collaborative: Therapy

Our providers maintain a curious and collaborative approach to try to understand exactly what is going on through integrated communication strategies.

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Collaborative: Psychiatry

Our psychiatrists utilize medical interventions and other evidence-based treatments as part of the collaborative approach to wellness. We provide medication management, psychiatric evaluations, and more.

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Collaborative: Wellness

Our Wellness team takes a holistic approach to mind and body health. Our providers offer a variety of techniques and treatments to support your overall wellness.

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Collaborative: Billing

Our staff consists of professionals with different educational and professional backgrounds, allowing us to embrace a holistic perspective on your business.

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It’s About
Helping People

We maintain a curious and collaborative approach, to try to understand exactly what is going on, through integrated communication strategies.

Navigating mental health and finances can be difficult, whether you are seeking help or providing services. Collaborative People Inc. aims to create space to make your life easier, with effective communication strategies and a diversified team of experts.


We Take A
Collaborative Approach

Our mission is to utilize our simplified and effective approach to business and mental health to raise the overall quality of our clients’ and employees’ lives. We compile a comprehensive understanding of your needs and collaborate with different entities to ensure transparent communication. This provides our team with an accurate understanding of your needs so we can develop your individually tailored plan. Our team consists of professionals with a variety of educational and professional backgrounds and our diversity allows us to have and share unique perspective, no matter the situation.

Our process approaches multi-faceted situations through one unique, integrated system.


We are a team of financial professionals dedicated to the success of your business.


We are here for you and maintain a curious stance. We support, care for, and challenge you to be your best.


We are professionals dedicated to your well-being and work with you to navigate your mental health and care.


We take a holistic approach to support your needs. We provide a variety of services for your overall health.

5 Companies: 1 Mission

Our companies are owned and operated by the professionals themselves. While each person is unique in their specialty, we work together as one. Our integrated approach helped coin our phrase “collaborating as we should.” This isn’t just good business, it’s the right thing to do.

Our parent company provides the support and tools you need to have a successful business. Members of our advisory board are here to mentor you to be the best version of yourself.

We pride ourselves on collaboration and honesty. Our professionals utilize multiple evidenced-based treatments to highlight unique perspectives in and out of session.

Our team of professionals in business development, financial management, and integrative practices will assist you in becoming successful both personally and professionally.

Our psychiatrists utilize medical interventions and evidenced-based work as an approach to gaining overall wellness. We provide medication management, evaluations, and more.

Our wellness team utilizes a holistic approach to mind and body health. Our providers offer a variety of techniques such as acupuncture, managing nutrition, massage, and more.

What Does Collaborative People Do?


Together over 5 brands, we maintain all the advertising and marketing. We currently maintain over 50 social profiles, and growing!


We utilize streamlined systems and technology to bring private practice to a group setting by providing a unified administration team.


We coordinate with our partners to search and find the best real estate for the practices that we serve.

Business Developement

From ideas to reality, we walk you through and assist in beginning or expanding the practices we serve.


Operations, as well as the look and feel of our practices, are important. We role them into one and just take a look for yourself and visit one of our offices.

Supervision & Support

Supervision and Support are essential to any business. We share everything we know to ensure our providers succeed.


We Are Changing Lives

We value what you think and how you feel, because it is important to us to make changes when changes are due. Here’s what people are saying.

“From recent events it has made me that more grateful to have found you and that you found your calling. You are truly skilled and my family has benefited greatly from your tutelage. I wanted to let Kyle know, I appreciate what he has done.”

Loving Mother
Family Therapy

“Amy was responsible for the Chamber receiving a clean review. She took several years of records and brought all our accounts into compliance.? I personally appreciated her dedication and guidance in all matters of proper accounting procedures.”

Accounting Procedures
Dave Hanks, CEO

“The best accounting manager we ever had! She always had great suggestions and we all loved working with Amy! She has great communication skills! “

Account Managment
Carol Sue McRae, Public Relations


We Are Committed to Empowering Others

Our expert knowledge in medical billing, practice management, business development, scheduling, and collaborative care provides you with comfort, insight, and security. We work with you to build your practice to its utmost potential.

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Our providers utilize evidence-based treatments for individual, couples, and family therapy.

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