Sex Positivity

At Collaborative we believe that knowledge and acceptance is paramount.

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LGBTQIA+ Communities

We have a unique perspective, because we were founding by members of this community. So “Walk in their shoes” is a unique perspective that we are able to provide.

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Gender Identity

Your identity is who you are, regardless of what body you are in

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Sex Positivity & LGBTQIA+

Many people within minority populations struggle to find requitable and informed providers. At Collaborative, our providers have extensive knowledge and experience working with the LGBTQIA+ and sex community. In congruence with our values, we host training seminars and presentations informing other providers, teachers, external staff, and other about various aspect the LGBTQIA+, sex, and gender cultures. Advancing education and cultivating inclusion is our way of promoting expansively safe spaces. 

Collaborative was founded by two gay males, both dedicated to giving back to the LGBTQIA+, sex, and gender alternative communities. Our team has direct experience and personal knowledge of what it is like to grow up as feeling “other” compared to peers. 

Our team promotes, fosters, and advocates for safe, supportive, non-judgmental, and empowering spaces. A core value of the Collaborative approach is to maintain a curious stance. This mythology forces an authentic and affirming dialogue, absent of micro-aggressions, stigma, and discriminations. 

Many might ask what it means to be “Sex Positive.” This term highlights the social and philological movement to change the cultural relationship around sexuality.

As a Sex Positive group practice, we maintain an open stance towards consensual, healthy, pleasurable, and experimental sexual activities. Sexual expression is a natural aspect of human nature, and sexually expressive variations are not taboo. A sex-positive philosophical perspective encourages the inclusivity of all sexual expressions and interests.

Collaborative does not take an ethical or moral stance towards sex. We focus on promoting safety, comprehensive education, and acceptance of various sexual and relational dynamics. We analyze the intersectional aspects of race, culture, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, nationality, spirituality/religion, age, and other variables contributing to sexual and relational dynamics. 

Being sex-positive is not sex therapy. Instead, sex positivity is a mental formulation of positive and affirming attitudes towards various forms of relationships and sexual experiences.

Sex therapy is a methodology dedicated to resolving sexual and relational difficulties such as sexual function, intimacy, performance.

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