Moxa & Scar Therapy

Technique used to strengthen immune system, improve fertility and help with problematic scar tissue
Moxa, an herb called Ai Ye or Mugwort that burned to add heat to acupuncture point and skin to amplify treatment

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Moxa & Scar Therapy

Moxa is an herb that is used on specific points and areas of the body to apply heat to that area. A couple different techniques can be used, one is Japanese style moxa that applies multiple cones to an area to create heat on specific points. Another is indirect stick moxa that is used to heat a larger portion of the body, such as the lumbar or sacrum area. 

Moxa Uses

Digestion support: that includes diarrhea, nausea, morning sickness, hyperemesis, vomiting and tenesmus (urgency). Moxa along with needling will be applied to relieve symptoms and promote better absorption.

Fertility support, moxa is used to warm the womb, promote better blood circulation, decrease cysts and fibroids and improve overall fertility for all genders.

Scar Therapy

is a form of applying direct tiny cones of moxa to areas where healed scars have left problematic symptoms. This can include numbness, pain, tingling, and decrease in sensation at the scar site. The acupuncturist will always do a full diagnosis before applying any moxa, as it is very specific to the person. Typically, a few treatments to prepare the body for scar therapy are done first.

Moxa is never applied directly to skin, there is always a burn cream between. May cause temporary redness but is relatively painless.

For more questions about moxa and the benefits schedule a complementary phone consultation with one of our acupuncturists./span>

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