Nutritional Support

Every person has a unique constitution: We know there is no one-size-fits all approach to diet or medicine

Unlike dieting, diet support meets the patient where they are in finding support with weight and healthy eating that works within the person’s lifestyle. Our acupuncturists don’t believe in a one-size-all approach to diet or medicine

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Nutritional Support

One of the branches of Eastern medicine is counseling on healthy eating that is specific for the person’s constitution. Practitioners are well versed in helping clients find a supportive diet and lifestyle that works with their unique needs. We use seasonal eating, identification of food sensitives and malabsorption issues along with supplemental support. The goal being that the client can introduce more food variations without reaction and get to a higher understanding of what approach is best for them. There is no one-size-fits all diet and Eastern medicine will use supplements and herbs to help get their client to a better quality of life.

What is a Person’s Constitution

A person’s constitution is simply “the way they are”. Every person has conditions, diseases, issues that they are prone to, temperatures they feel more often, or emotions that are typical for them (anxiety or depression). These are examples of particulars that may be included in a person’s constitution. This helps us determine treatment and ability to balance, to help the person’s body function more harmoniously.

Seasonal eating is an approach that uses the seasons as a guide to help support the body during the changes of weather, food variability and the unique reactions to that. The better we understand how to eat for the season and our body constitution, the less likely a person is to get sick.

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