We Can Help You Through It

Our providers maintain a curious and collaborative approach to try to understand exactly what is going on, through integrated communication strategies.

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Be You, Be Confident

– LGBTQIA+ & Sex Positive –

We are creating space for those within the LGBTQIA+ & Sex Positive community. Our team is competent in understanding a variety of different sex and gender identities, relationships dynamics, and sexual play.

Sex Positivity

See and Hear Things Differently

– Group Therapy –

Working within a group setting is sometimes more effective than individual therapy. Therefore, we host several groups for different age groups and life stages.

Group Therapy

We Are With You Every Step

– Case Management –

Often times we find ourselves working within different systems that require some support. Our providers understand that this isn’t easily done alone and part of our collaborative approach is supporting you in various tasks.

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Your Journey In Three Simple Steps

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Why Collaborative Therapy?

Our providers compile a comprehensive understanding of what you are going through, by talking to people already involved. Our staff consists of a variety of people who hold different educational and professional degrees, which allows us to have a unique perspective on the situation.
alternative perspective
Alternative Perspectives
We utilize modalities that encourage the acceptance of multiple perspective, and check with you to see if we are getting it right.
Peer support
Peer to Peer Support
Our providers encourage the support of different educational and professional experiences. We discuss possible outcomes and treatment modalities for the overall support for you with our internal teams.
Person texting
Out of Session Contact
Your life does not go on pause once you leave therapy. We understand the need to talk, even if you don’t have an appointment, and can provide additional support.
reading books
Evidence-Based Treatments
Our providers respect the evidence that others have put forth, and utilize modalities that include researched and effective techniques.

Success Stories

Our staff consists of a variety of people with different educational and professional degrees, which allows us to hold unique perspectives on the situation. Here is what people are saying.
Parent of Adolescent
Individual Therapy

“This is the first time that our son felt like he could connect with a therapist. Kyle went above and beyond for our family and to support our son. We will continue to keep in touch with him and update him on our son’s success. “

Loving Parents
Individual and Parent Therapy

“Our daughter has continued to make progress and reach new goals. Kyle is incredibly informative and challenges our daughter in ways we were struggling with. It is difficult to know what our daughter is struggling with and we feel so much support.”

Loving Mother
Family Therapy

“From recent events it has made me that more grateful to have found you and that you found your calling. You are truly skilled and my family has benefited greatly from your tutelage. I wanted to let Kyle know, I appreciate what he has done.”

Our Approach

We’ve created a system together that is effective, and our providers are there to support you. At the heart of our group is mentalization based treatment (MBT), a modality that we’ve seen tremendous success with in individual, adolescent, family, and child therapy. We are providers that create true connections with the people that we work with.
Sessions on Demand
Your life does not go on pause once you leave therapy. Neither should your therapy.
Flexible & Firm
There is a balance to life that, and we fight to find one that integrates your lifestyle.
Relentless Honesty
Our providers maintain a transparent stance by providing their own thoughts and feelings.
Genuine Empathy
Too many times we experience the harshness of life. Creating a safe space is important.

Let’s Collaborate Through It

We will follow your lead and challenge you when appropriate.