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Collaborative believes we can do more together! Group therapy is a place to gather more than one perspective and interact with other clients. We have had tremendous success in this, and we think that you will too!

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Group Therapy 

Group therapy can be a complementary or independent treatment modality. At Collaborative, we utilize group therapy to foster multiple perspectives by using other member’s minds through explicit communication. 

Attending group therapy can be intimidating if you have not experienced group therapy before. Our philosophy is that group therapy can be utilized as a training group to promote healthier relationships outside of the therapy group. We encourage members to seek individual therapy if attending a group, though this is not mandatory. 

Most Collaborative groups are open-ended and do not have a specific start or end date (unless otherwise specified). Our groups are rooted in interpersonal communication between members and providers. Therefore, when a new member is looking to join a group, the current group members will discuss their thoughts and feelings towards welcoming a new member. Our providers believe that this is the member’s group, and their emotions are the primary focus. 

Before enrolling in a group, we ask that the prospective member meets with one of the group providers to evaluate the suitability for group therapy, gather initial information, and create a sense of comfort when entering the group for the first time. 

We offer a variety of group therapy options dedicated to different topics of interest.

Therapy Groups:

Two therapists host each group to detect and support various dynamic changes during each session.

BIPOC Trauma Processing Group

Studies have shown that black people, especially black men, are more prone to experiencing trauma or learning from someone who has experienced trauma. Evidence also indicates that the black population is also more likely to have emotional blindness, AKA alexithymia.  Those who participate in this group will be able to find and build community with other group members based on the shared experiences of their trauma. They can verbalize their inner experiences rather than avoid them in fear.

Working through your past trauma with other men may sound terrifying, but it is a healing experience when done under the guidance of a trained trauma therapist. If you identify as male, have not healed from past trauma, and are interested in joining a group with other men who also struggle with healing from past trauma, please reach out.

This will be a 12-week, closed skills AND process group. 

First Responders Group

Showing Up First

First resp
onders serve an essential role in our community. The unique experiences they go through while on the job, however, can significantly impact their emotional and mental health. This has become even more heightened in our post-Covid world. This may manifest as mood changes, anxiety, communication difficulties, strained relationships, altered job performance, and overall quality of life. Together, we will
discuss experiences in the field and the feelings around them to develop emotional insight and strengthen healthy coping skills.  

Girl Power

This group is a safe space for those who identify as female and could use extra support or have faced challenges because of their gender. We will focus on building friendships, boosting confidence, and tackling the unique issues that teenage girls often encounter. We’ll talk about positive role models, dealing with discrimination, finding empowerment, staying healthy, handling bullying, and navigating high school. Some members might deal with ADHD, ASD, anxiety, and/or depression, but we’re looking for those with good self-awareness and manageable symptoms. Our goals are to help everyone feel more confident, build a strong support network, and better understand each other’s experiences.  

Women’s GI Group:

From Surviving to Thriving

A 12-week online therapy group designed for women who have been diagnosed with a chronic gastrointestinal condition (e.g., IBS, IBD, GERD). This group takes a holistic approach to managing your health, providing education, support, skills, and an action-oriented framework to support healing. You will learn about the mind-gut connection and the techniques to regulate digestive function, reduce stress, reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality, and elevate mood. Surrounded by support from your counselors and peers, you will tap into your inner wisdom, strengths, and values and begin to make meaningful shifts in your self-care routine. With evidence-based skills and strategies to manage your GI condition, you will be on a pathway to symptom relief for the long term.

Postpartum Support Group

Postpartum Support Group

The postpartum period is a period of great upheaval, change, and fluctuating emotions. Your routine, your body, and your life have all changed over a short period of time and change can be hard. Join this group to learn more about this sensitive period and to connect with other moms. Together the group will gain knowledge on postpartum, strengthen coping skills, and discuss connecting with others.  

Mentalization-Based Treatment for Adolescents

This group focuses on the mental processes that occur from various emotional states regarding others and the self. We explore the depressive, anxiety, overwhelming, and other feelings that disrupt our ability to interact with our own and others’ thoughts and feelings. This process allows for the growth in personal identity, family dynamics, school achievement, peer connections, and more. We encourage a flexible yet firm approach to understand our minds through various expressive techniques, both verbal and playful.

Mentalization-Based Treatment for Adults

Through our interactions with others, we experience different interpersonal connections, which can be harmful or positive. Varied emotional states can disrupt mental processing and create potential for misinterpreting information. These miscommunications hinder our ability to maintain relationships, foster deeper connections, and limit our identity and growth. We utilize group dynamics to explicitly discuss our emotional and cognitive processes, allowing the group members to take a curious stance to understand encounters flexibly.

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