Substance Use Disorders

We take an individualized and non-judgmental approach to providing competent outpatient care for folks in varying stages of recovery from difficulties with substance use, from identifying goals to medication-assisted treatment.

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Substance Use Disorders

A substance use disorder is a person’s inability to control the use of legal or illegal drugs or medication.

Substance use disorders can be complex and require additional supports depending on the severity. Our providers have trained to work with narcotic, opioid, alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, and other addictions.

Collaborative providers treat substance use disorder as a co-occurring disorder. Typically, substance use starts through various factors. Our providers do not exclude other disorders that may be impacting the person’s addiction.

We work together to formulate an effective treatment approach through motivational interviewing, solution-oriented, behavioral, relational, and medication treatment. Substance use disorder may require a combination of treatment modalities.

*Some of our psychiatrists are licensed, suboxone subscribers. Suboxone is used to treat opiate addictions.


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