Talk Therapy

We are able to incorporate talk therapy into medication management sessions as well as work closely with therapists both within and outside the Collaborative umbrella. We will work with you to find the best fit.

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Talk Therapy

Collaborative utilizes evidence-based treatments rooted in understanding alternative perspectives. We work to understand the significance of life’s variables and how they contribute to individual mental health. Our approach to mental health and persistence to understand each person’s unique experience enables us to treat our patients comprehensively.

Talk Therapy fosters a safe environment and a deeper understanding for patients and providers alike. We work to conceptualize one’s emotions, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and desires in a way that feels manageable and allows for deeper exploration. Demonstrating a curious, empathetic approach in session encourages patients to use Mentalization outside of session and ultimately leads to stronger bonds and understanding in interpersonal relationships.

We pride ourselves on promoting internal awareness and understanding within oneself as well as in interpersonal relationships. Emphasizing emotional regulation, recognizing internal states, and encouraging explicit communication are essential in building a solid relational foundation for oneself and others. We dedicate our time to understanding mental processes and encouraging exploration that leads to deeper self-awareness and the ability to live a fulfilled life.




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