Meet The Team

We believe it “takes a village” for a business to thrive. Our Founders took their experiences in life and profession and built Collaborative to solve the problems they had encountered before. It’s new, it’s fresh, its humanity at its peak.

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Ellen Recker, MS, LMHC


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Melissa Eggleston


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Maria Pietruszka, MS, LMHC, CASAC-T


I was born in Poland and migrated to NYC when...

Kathryn Peter, LAc, DACM

Director of Acupuncture

Katy (she/her) is a licensed acupuncturist who believes in empowering...

Vanessa Juliá

Adminstrative Coordinator

Vanessa is a Dominican-American New York native and graduated with...

Betty Moss

Marketing Coordinator

Betty is a native Texan, and a graduate of Tarleton...

Samuel Gilbert, MS, LMSW


Samuel Gilbert is a licensed psychotherapist based in New York...

Elizabeth Latsos, MS, LMSW


Elizabeth is a licensed psychotherapist working with adolescents and young...

Zackary Forrest

Founder & CEO

Zack is our dynamic millennial who uses his seven years’...

Emma Harger, MS, LMSW


Emma Harger is a licensed psychotherapist in New York City....

Cristina Shea, MS, LMSW


Cristina is a licensed psychotherapist practicing in New York, with...

Michele New

Founder & Director of Insurance

Michele brings a wide variety of experience and expertise to...

Amy Jokel

Founder & Billing President

Amy is one of our seasoned team members with over...

Lisa Henshaw, PhD, LCSW


I am a Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years...

Alex Nourishad M.D.

Founder & Psychiatry President

Alex begins every therapeutic relationship with a comprehensive assessment that...

Rachel Moses, MA, MHC-LP


Rachel is a graduate of the master’s in mental health...

Artur Lebiedzinski, MA, MHC-LP


Artur has been working in the mental health field for...

Hanni Flaherty, PhD, LCSW-R

Founder & Director of Clinical Social Work

I am a New York City-based Clinical Social Worker specializing...

Kyle McEvoy, MS, LMHC

Founder & Therapy President

Kyle utilizes a client-centered based approach to therapy by adapting...

Erin Miller, MS, LMSW


Erin Miller, LMSW, is a licensed psychotherapist practicing in New...