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Our providers maintain a curious and collaborative approach to try to understand exactly what is going on, through integrated communication strategies. With a thirst for knowledge and the blend of clinical perspectives from various professional backgrounds.

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Eric Yip

Eric Yip MHC-LP


Life is hard, and it's even harder when you're trying to get through it alone. We often lack understanding of our emotions and aren't taught how to deal with them properly when they do show up leaving us or those around us hurt or confused. I've been working in the mental health field near 10 years and have focused on the areas of in-patient substance use, crisis counseling, and relational issues.

Erin Miller LMSW


Erin Miller, LMSW, is a licensed psychotherapist practicing in New York City, as well as via telehealth. Her therapeutic style is warm and nonjudgmental. She is devoted to providing a safe space for clients to work through both past and present issues.

    Artur Lebiedzinski

    Clinical Intern

    Artur has been working in the mental health field for several years and is currently completing his Masters in Mental Health Counseling. Artur considers personalities, histories, and the different ways each person copes with their distress. He believes in each person’s unique ability for gaining insight and self-reflection to overcome their struggles.

      Rachel Chazanoff

      Clinical Intern

      I believe that everyone has the potential to grow, to learn, and to flourish already inside of them. I strive to give clients space in therapy to be heard and discover their strengths. I am currently working on my Master’s in Mental Health Counseling working under a licensed supervisor.

        Kylie Brandt MHC-LP


        Kylie is a psychotherapist and is passionate about working with individuals, couples, and family systems. She believes in constantly learning through education and supervision in order to provide the best support possible for clients. Kylie believes in meeting people where they are at and fostering a safe space for exploration and growth.

          Dawnmarie Sumners

          Life Coach

          Dawnmarie is a true believer in living as your authentic self. She is passionate about empowering people to become fully connected with who they are and who they can become. Dawnmarie advocates for you to use your voice and your talents to take steps forward. She describes herself as positive, compassionate, empathetic, fun, creative, strong, intuitive, and passionate.

            Kyle McEvoy LMHC

            Founder & Therapy President

            Kyle is a psychotherapist specializing in personality disorders, relationship issues, and gender and sexual identity. He has a passion for both teaching and learning, which comes in hand in both supervisions and sessions. Kyle is frequently providing support outside of standard session times. As President of the Collaborative Therapy Brand, Kyle oversees all aspects of recruitment & the clinical aspects of the brand.
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