Collaborative People Inc.

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We are a team of professionals dedicated to taking the headache out of financial reporting and billing, to help get you back to focusing on the important aspects of your business.

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Michele New

Accounting & Insurance Claims Expert

Michele's passion is to use her expertise in healthcare to help businesses gain a sense of financial security within their daily operations.

    Amy Jokel

    Co-Founder & Billing President

    Zackary Forrest

    Founder & CEO

    Zackary brings advanced knowledge in operations and medical billing through years of experience, in order to enhance medical practices. His experience within United Airlines is a valuable resource for building companies. Zackary’s attention to detail and commitment is unparalleled by any other. Zackary oversees all aspects of Collaborative People Inc, the expansion of the brands and the role that Collaborative People Inc plays in the mental health field.
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